October 2016 News

By October 19, 2016News

The travel season is coming up for India and I am about to depart on Colors of Central India at the end of next week. I was so delighted with the interest expressed in this tour and with a waiting list, I am offering it once again at the same time next November. I’ve just updated the Galley Page on my website with photographs taken in tribal Chhattisgarh where we will be spending time on this trip (as well as photos of South Africa & Swaziland).

We begin the New Year with…

JOURNEY TO SOUTHERN INDIA | 17 Days | 14 Feb-2 March 2017 |
embroidery, elephants & ethnic communities
Malabar to Coromandel, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu
THIS TRIP IS A ‘GO’ WITH JUST 2 SPACES AVAILABLE! If you are interested in joining, please let us know as soon as possible.

Again I’d like to mention that Banjara: Cloth and Culture of a Wandering Tribe by Charlotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin is available on Amazon. It’s a superb book and I highly recommend it for anyone joining the Southern India tour, as we will be visiting Banjara community projects in Karnataka.

SOUTH AFRICA & THE ROYAL KINGDOM OF SWAZILAND |18 Days | 8-25 September 2017 |
African crafts, amazing wildlife & community projects
a journey from South Africa to the Royal Kingdom of Swaziland
I am thrilled to once again offer my homeland South Africa and The Royal Kingdom of Swaziland as a destination. We’ll discover southern African crafts, folk and tribal art, visit museums and markets, as well as inspiring community projects focusing on embroidery and basketry, weaving and natural dyes. Safaris from our fabulous lodge into the African bush to encounter the “Big Five”… elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. Our accommodation has been specially chosen to reflect our surroundings, often in idyllic nature settings… ‘Out-of-Africa’ style. Join us on this once in a lifetime journey…with superb photographic opportunities!

COLORS OF CENTRAL INDIA | 16 Days | 1-16 November 2017 |
textiles, tribals and tigers
Malabar to Coromandel, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu
We’ll explore tribal villages in remote Kawardha, visit Kanha National Park part of Project Tiger and Varanasi, that most holy of temple cities. We’ll be meeting innovative and flamboyant designers and craftspeople who are inspired by India’s rich textile heritage. We’ll visit not-for-profit organizations where rural women use their fine skills of ‘chikan’ to embroider fabrics and furnishings and make exquisite ‘kantha’ quilts, a traditional craft of West Bengal. We’ll walk old markets, visit weaving villages, enjoy traditional cuisine and so much more. India is a feast for the senses… come with the spirit of adventure!

THE ISLAND OF SRI LANKA |15 days |1-15 February 2018 |
culture & crafts, Buddhist temples & textiles
from lowland jungles to the misty heights of the Hill Country
Join us in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) and discover this tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean situated southeast of India. The people are truly friendly, warm and welcoming! Sri Lankan art and crafts date back to its Buddhist roots and have evolved over the centuries. Today there is a strong revival of handloom traditions and you will find beautiful contemporary fabrics inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna of this island. A treat awaits you as we visit artisans and communities at work in their homes and villages. Come and experience the beauty of this emerald island!

A warm welcome to to all of you who will be joining me in India over this coming season. I always ask travelers to please write a brief paragraph about themselves, to share with everyone… it’s always nice to know a little of ones companions before we set off. Judi Arndt (who is joining Colors of Central India) wrote that this would be her 10th trip with me! Wow… and when I responded that she deserved The Oscar, she replied: “You continue to find the best adventures, and to assure that we have the most comfort possible. Thank you always.”

So “Thank You” to everyone with whom I have traveled with many many times and shared so many adventures over the years and for all that you contribute personally to our experiences… it’s such a gift!
I look forward to once again meeting old friends and making new over this next year.