Join Lesley Robin and explore traditional life, crafts and folk arts of the lesser-traveled regions of the world.


EXPERIENCE the warm hospitality of local people in their homes and villages


EXPLORE a myriad of fabulous sights and vibrant markets


BE INSPIRED by the richness of textiles & crafts of different cultures


PHOTOGRAPH a thousand places, a thousand memories


SHARE a carefree journey with like-minded travelers



Lesley offers small group travel programs, each researched and accompanied personally.  Depending on the type of trip and the destination, 10 to maximum 16 persons join from around the world.

Travel with Lesley provides wonderful opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. Discover how people live and work, focusing on the traditional ways of life unique to each country. Visit grassroots projects to learn about the many roads to self-sufficiency and self-respect in our changing world.  Meet the people behind the scenes of some inspiring initiatives that stand for an ethical way of doing business, that use traditional skills to create products of beauty and quality and empower rural communities.

We will explore a myriad of exciting destinations of both historical and special interest. The accommodation in major cities is of a high standard and when we’re off the beaten track in rural countryside, we use the best available both from a point of view of charm as well as location.  The guides in each country are very knowledgeable and along with Lesley herself, bring an intimate and personal experience to our travels.

Everything is taken care of leaving you free to simply enjoy each day.

A few of my upcoming tours

UZBEKISTAN: SILK ROUTE | 13-29 October 2019 | 17 Days

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We’ll journey along the legendary Silk Road to the ancient cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand associated with Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, and rich in the history…

SRI LANKA: EMERALD ISLAND | 9-23 February 2020 | 15 Days

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Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is a tiny island nation situated in the Indian Ocean south of India. A cultural melting pot, it is famed for its ancient cities, Buddhist ruins…

WESTERN HIMALAYAS | 27 Feb-16 March 2019 | 18 Days

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From Delhi we'll head to Rishikesh, in the northern state of Uttarakhand, where the River Ganges flows through mountains, with its temples, ashrams and holy men, a fabulous adventure awaits…

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December 2018 News

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It's been great to have heard from several of you about travels plans for 2019/2020. So now, as 2018 ends and the colder winter months set in, time to think…

June 2018 Newsletter

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Hi Everyone What a pleasure to be involved once again with Uzbekistan. So many memories evoked as I look through photographs trying to decide which ones to use and all…


“This has been my 4th overall trip and my 3rd trip to India with Lesley (India: Across the Western Himalayas – 2018). You couldn’t ask for a better designed and led trip. From arrival at Delhi airport, to selection of hotels, to the addition of knowledgeable local guides, Lesley has put together another great tour. The days were filled with a variety of architectural, cultural, historical, and religious experiences. From staying at Hotel Oberoi in Shimla to staying at a yoga retreat in Basunti the accommodations were 1st class. From visiting the Sikh Golden Temple, several monasteries, the residences of the Tibetan Admin-in-exile, to a college for Tibetan Buddhist nuns each day filled our physical, spiritual, and emotions senses.  You couldn’t ask for a better combination of things to experience in Northern India. In addition, the group size was small which allowed everyone to get to know each other. Thank you Lesley for making this a great experience for me and I hope to be on future trips with you.”

Mike Bergman, USA – India: Across the Western Himalayas

“What an incredible trip you created for us! I loved every minute! So many wonderful experiences of such variation were included, 18 days of pure happiness. I thought the group was very companionable with very considerate and friendly people. I really didn’t want it to end! I loved the hotels and the food and all the lovely people we met along the way. And the beautiful crafts we saw, the singing and dancing and the exquisite scenery and gorgeous animals. You chose unforgettable guides who were so much fun to be with and very knowledgeable and so different from each other! I liked that! Your trips have really changed my life and made it so much better and deeper. I can’t thank you enough.”

Ruth Altman, USA – South Africa & Swaziland