June 2018 Newsletter

By June 15, 2018News

Hi Everyone

What a pleasure to be involved once again with Uzbekistan. So many memories evoked as I look through photographs trying to decide which ones to use and all those sights and experiences beckoning! As always fabulous textiles and crafts await us in homes and village workshops around the country… and of course there are new friendships to be made. The photographic opportunities are stunning and we will be welcomed by all whom we meet on our travels, making for a very personal journey. This has been a really great trip to put together!

UZBEKISTAN: A journey along the Silk Road
13-29 October 2019 | 17 Days
We’ll journey along the legendary Silk Road to the ancient cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, rich in the history of great travelers and bygone caravansarais and discover some of the Islamic world’s most inspiring architecture. We’ll wander through Central Asian bazars, meet master artisans in their homes and workshops, enjoying traditional home-cooked village meals and being invited inside to share something of their lives and work. Join us on this trip of a lifetime! Please email us if you would like to join or if you have any questions to ask!

27 February-16 March, 2019 | 18 Days
From mountains and hill stations to extraordinary vistas of far-reaching Himalayan peaks, rural villages situated off the beaten track where traditional life is timeless alongside the bustle of local bazars; an in-depth experience of Tibetans and their Buddhist culture, flamboyant temples, monasteries and nunneries, as well as age-old crafts that combine ancient skills with 21st century passion. A fabulous adventure awaits you! This tour is currently Fully Booked… however, do let us know if you would like your name to be put on the wait-list.

RETURNING TRAVELERS joining our upcoming Himalayan Tour: Hope Walker, Carol Gordon, Maureen Kennaugh, Mike Bergman, Mary Darmstaetter, Ruth Altman, Lynn Doran, Lynn Drake and Deborah Ives… A Big Welcome Back!