Join Lesley Robin and explore traditional life, crafts and folk arts of the lesser-traveled regions of the world.


EXPERIENCE the warm hospitality of local people in their homes and villages


EXPLORE a myriad of fabulous sights and vibrant markets


BE INSPIRED by the richness of textiles & crafts of different cultures


PHOTOGRAPH a thousand places, a thousand memories


SHARE a carefree journey with like-minded travelers

A  journey along the Lower Ganges and Hoogly River, approximately a 160-mile long distributary of the River Ganges, known as the Mother Ganga, and the holiest river in India.  A major population of India live in villages besides these sacred rivers, the lifeline to millions of Indians who live along their banks.

The luxurious cruise ship, the RV Bengal Ganga was designed as a replica of the colonial style ‘Clyde’ steamers that at the height of Empire trudged through swamps and far flung deltas.  A succession of important officials and celebrities of the day, including the Viceroys of India and the Prince of Wales, used similar ships.

This is an opportunity to see a part of India that would normally be arduous and difficult to visit by road.

This trip takes place just before the tour to North-East India  (25 Oct-12 Nov, 2015) which also begins Calcutta, enabling you to do both trips back-to-back.  You are welcome to join this 6-day river tour independently and we can help plan your travel arrangements around the cruise dates.  Should you do both trips, you will need an extra overnight in the city.