“Thank you again for such a wonderful trip to the Western Himalayas. Your life experiences in the region; personal contacts with friends; and love for sharing history, culture, and handcrafts made for a very special trip. We came home with so much to think and talk about in the days ahead. As a tour leader you are superb! We especially noted and appreciated your gathering the entire group together before giving out information or directions, the attention and time you spent with all members of the group, the energy and enthusiasm you exude, and your patience in a handling a few stressful situations and for lagging behind photographers (John). You are an exemplary role model.”

Mary & John Littrell, USA – Across the Western Himalayas 2019

“As friends and family have asked this past week about our trip, I have told them it was a trip of a lifetime because of YOUR efforts. You did an amazing job of selecting the beautiful places that we visited, the fantastic people we met, the lovely places where we stayed, and the delicious food we enjoyed. In addition, the group of people who are very loyal to you comprise a delightful group of traveling companions. Events that appeared to be serendipity experiences were most likely also guided by your expert hands. After having traveled to India a number of times for various reasons, I can honestly say that this trip was truly amazing and personal because of the special care that you took in the planning and implementation.”

Molly Eckman, USA – Across the Western Himalayas 2019

“This has been my 4th overall trip and my 3rd trip to India with Lesley (India: Across the Western Himalayas – 2018). You couldn’t ask for a better designed and led trip. From arrival at Delhi airport, to selection of hotels, to the addition of knowledgeable local guides, Lesley has put together another great tour. The days were filled with a variety of architectural, cultural, historical, and religious experiences. From staying at Hotel Oberoi in Shimla to staying at a yoga retreat in Basunti the accommodations were 1st class. From visiting the Sikh Golden Temple, several monasteries, the residences of the Tibetan Admin-in-exile, to a college for Tibetan Buddhist nuns each day filled our physical, spiritual, and emotions senses.

You couldn’t ask for a better combination of things to experience in Northern India. In addition, the group size was small which allowed everyone to get to know each other. Thank you Lesley for making this a great experience for me and I hope to be on future trips with you.”

Mike Bergman, USA – Across the Western Himalayas 

“Of all my worldly experiences, some of the best have been traveling with Lesley Robin and Exclusive Journeys. Lesley’s careful planning and marvellous itineraries provide insight into cultures and their arts in a special way. Loyal travelers have created a family of friends. I love the small group which allows quality visits to artisans and hosts. I look forward to each trip with joy knowing I will be well cared for and am bound to have an amazing adventure!”

Carol Gordon, USA – Across the Western Himalayas

“What an incredible wonderful divine trip you created for us! I loved every minute! So many wonderful experiences of such variation were included, 18 days of pure happiness. I thought the group was very companionable with very considerate and friendly people. I really didn’t want it to end! I loved the hotels and the food and all the lovely people we met along the way. And the beautiful crafts we saw, and the beautiful singing and dancing and the exquisite scenery and the gorgeous animals. And now my knowledge of Apartheid is much much deeper then it ever was before. You chose unforgettable guides who were so much fun to be with and very knowledgable and so different from each other! I liked that! Your trips have really changed my life and made it so much better and deeper. I can’t thank you enough.”

Ruth Altman, USA – South Africa & Swaziland

“Thank you for designing and leading a fantastic trip of the Colors of Central India. You put together an exciting itinerary, and your logistics, planning was impeccable. You also arranged great meetings with artisans, informative guides and delicious meals for us. Your reputation as a wonderful tour leader is well deserved.”

Grace & Tom, USA – Central India

“My first trip with Lesley – your sparkling reputation precedes you and your planning and hosting exceeded my expectations! Thank you for the amazing memories.”

Molly Eckman, USA – Central India

“Bill and I want to thank you so much for organizing such a great trip to Bhutan. It was great to see the eastern part of the country as well as to revisit some wonderful places we had seen before. Having Kipchu explain things made the second visit to some places so much better. He is really a wonderful guide and representative for Bhutan. Thank you for arranging for us to have such a great guide.

As before, the trip was so well organized and you do a great job of adjusting things as changing circumstances require. I especially wanted to see the weaving villages in the east and to see the festival. I enjoyed both so much. We also really enjoyed the physical beauty of Bhutan. The slow roads certainly gave more time to enjoy it!!”

Carter and William Leinster, USA – Bhutan

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful trip! It was handled so well and I feel as though we really experienced many different aspects of South India. I’m sorting it out after coming back with a swirl of sights, sounds, and spices. That would have been great in itself and then the group was such fun. I really enjoyed getting to know them and their sense of humor.  But the part that was most amazing was that it felt like a pilgrimage for me. I very much appreciate all you brought to the trip.”

Pam Malmgren, USA – Southern India

“Once again a great trip and met some wonderful people… everyone seemed to be very interesting … I find traveling with you a wonderful way to switch off from my normal life. Thank you for your kind help throughout our tour and look forward to traveling with you again.”

Carol Curran, UK – India

“I am still passionate about my needlework and I sit and study my books on Indian embroidery whenever the fancy takes me. I have so much to be thankful for and you have been among the people that have helped me fulfill dreams to see other parts of the world and engage with the people there.”

Grace Campbell, Australia – India

“A fabulous boat! The food was inventive and delicious. The boat was laid out extremely well, especially the cabins and bathrooms (the roomiest showers I have ever experienced on dozens of boat trips). The cabins and common areas have gleaming wooden floors and walls, which makes for the atmosphere of a fine old boat, while at the same time the fixtures are very modern. The top deck (sundeck) is a lovely place to go for morning coffee/tea and muffins to read or to watch life on the river banks come alive as the day begins. The crew were cheerful and attentive and fun to talk to and everything was extremely clean. It was a wonderful way to end our trip.”

Carolyn Behr, USA – Along the Ganges

“The cruise was wonderful. We were treated like queens with lots of attention and superb service. The accommodations were terrific. Sumit, the guide prepared a program of discussions, films, etc which allowed us to truly experience India in all of its glory and faults. Your Delhi agency’s service is superb and help in arranging the first part of my trip was great.”

Melanie Grishman, USA – Along the Ganges

“I want to thank you for your wisdom and guidance that made the trip so special. I am still assimilating all that I saw in Gujarat and Rajasthan and I am looking forward to seeing how it will influence my work. I have already added ideas of weaving to my ‘Weaving Words’ workshops where we look at the way that weaving is an interconnection of ideas/concepts rather than mearly a way of making a fabric.”

Claire Buckley, UK – India

“It was a really wonderful trip to the Gujarat & the Pushkar Camel Fair with so many varied experiences. Thank you for planning it and for your expertise.”

Sylvia Thistle, UK – India

“My husband, George, and I have just returned from one of the best trips of our lives – it was largely due to the amazing leadership of Lesley along with her local guide, Min. The country, the experience, the attention to all details, the accommodations, the food, the sights, the crafts were amazing, fabulous, superb, fantastic —pick your adjective! All of this has effectively blocked the long journey from our minds – we would do it again! Thank you both!”

Ruth Rooks, USA – Burma

“The silk route cities of Uzbekistan had always had an exotic attraction. I wasn’t disappointed. Lesley and Raisa (our national tour escort) provided a tour that included all the wonderful architectural sites as well as glimpses of everyday life in the homes of the country’s finest craftspeople. Lesley’s attention to detail and care made our travel a delight. Raisa’s knowledge of her country, its rich history and her support of women and craftspeople gave us insight into the soul of Uzbekistan.”

Deborah Sanders, UK – Uzbekistan

“Astonishing, is the word I continue to use when people ask about India. Astonishing in the population’s density, diversity, and capacity for perseverance, and rich in contrast and dignity. I was overwhelmed in so many ways, but especially visually. The depth of color and texture astounded me almost as much as the confluence and convergence of culture and history. Of course, this is India I speak of, and not the trip itself. That you could plan with such care and detail, a trip of this dimension; guide the group of us tirelessly; and still manage to allow her, India, all the while, at least to appear to reveal herself, blemishes and all, is remarkable.”

Wickie Bridgforth, USA – India

“What a wonderful trip in Bhutan! I think it is the most beautiful place I have ever been. Thank you for designing such an incredible experience for me. Traveling with you is one of the great pleasures in my life and I am so happy another trip is coming up so soon.”

Ruth Altman, USA – Bhutan

“Lesley prepared our specialist holiday in India with great care providing an imaginative, informative and beautifully presented, unique opportunity to learn more of the history, techniques of the embroidery of the north east of the sub-continent.”

Polly Holbrook, UK – India

“Lesley runs her trips with an air of authority tempered with an exquisite love and care for her travellers. Her comfort in these exotic locations and her obvious expertise in both the organisation and the topic of exploration is obvious. The result is a sense of being nurtured, inspired and enthralled all at once.”

Joel Young, UK – India

“Traveling with Lesley is a special experience. Lesley is thorough in researching and organising a tour. She has tremendous local knowledge and long-time local contacts. I have learnt so much with her despite my own expertise in travel, communication and cultural anthropology.”

Amanda Feller PhD, USA – Bhutan