UZBEKISTAN: SILK ROUTE | 13-29 October 2019 | 17 Days

By August 3, 2019Tours

Date: 13-29 October 2019 | Duration: 17 Days | Prices: Land Arrangements $7150 / £5550

(Booking in the USA) Download a TRIP DOSSIER with itinerary, prices & booking form. For further information email Jenni Lipa or Tel: (+1) 917 721-8558.

(Booking in the UK) Download a TRIP DOSSIER with itinerary, prices & booking form. For further information email Rhea Harrison or Tel: (+44) 01892 673405.

Uzbekistan lies between the Caspian Sea and Western China in the very heartland of Central Asia: a cultural melting pot for the many distinctive cultural and ethnic groups in this most extraordinary of regions.

We’ll journey along the legendary Silk Road to the ancient cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand associated with Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane and rich in the history of great travelers and bygone caravanserais, where gold and gems, spices and livestock were traded in noisy, bustling souks. We’ll discover some of the Islamic world’s most inspiring architecture, madrasahs and mosques, visit the fabulous Igor Savitsky art collection in Karakalpakstan and explore important sites along the way.

A myriad of unforgettable experiences await us. We’ll wander through lively Central Asian bazars with smiling women attired in traditional clothing. A celebration of craft traditions as we meet innovative and gifted master artisans, enjoying traditional home-cooked village meals and inviting us inside to share something of their lives and work. There’ll be suzani and papermaking workshops, opportunities to see natural dyeing and the weaving of that magical silk fabric ‘ikat” as well as the exceptional skills of ceramicists and carpet weavers.

The warmth and hospitality of the Uzbeks we will encounter on our travels is memorable and the photographic opportunities endless. Join us on this very special trip of a lifetime!

This group is limited to maximum 16 persons only.